Course Search Tips

  • Always make sure you have the term set correctly. 
  • Minimize the search results by using specific criteria.
  • If you do select specific criteria make sure you either adjust them again or change them back to the default settings for any additional searches.
  • If you are searching for just Undergraduate Education courses, make sure you select " Undergraduate" in the program drop down list. Otherwise the course search will include graduate education classes when it returns the data.
  • When viewing the results of your search, courses that have a "C" at the end of the course number (i.e. PHL1000C) is a course offered through the Office of Continuing Studies.
  • Please remember if your search does not produce course offerings that could be because:
             *  not all courses are offered every semester.  Some are only offered in the fall and some only in the spring. 
                * course offerings for distribution requirements may change from semester to semester.  For example, if you 
                    set your course area criteria to "WomenSt Dis Req Hum" and get no results for a Women's Studies course that meet a humanities, that
                    is because for the term your searching within, no courses are being offered.
  • By clicking on the course number you will get the course description and additional helpful information.