Where are we located?

We are located on the first floor of the McQuade Library.. Our hours are 8:30 to 4:30 Monday through Friday. Hours are subject to change.

How do I use my MackCard?

You'll need your MackCard to gain access in the dining hall.  You also need it to take books out of the library as well as open any doors on campus that you have access to, such as your dorm doors. You'll also need it to use in the vending machines on campus.

eaccounts App for the Merrimack Community.


If you have an iPhone or iPod touch, or an Android device you can download this App for free and get access to your Mack Bucks account.


Just search for, “Transact eAccounts”, and download the App for free to your device.

After downloading, open up the App.


Select “Merrimack College” in the list of sites, and sign in using your My Mack account name and password.

Now you will be able to see your Mack Buck and Dining dollar balances. You can also make a deposit if you associated a credit card in your Mack Bucks account.

It also shows your transactions for both Mack Bucks and Dining dollars.(The money that comes with certain meal plans.)

You can also deactivate your Mack Card if you have lost it.

Any questions, please contact me.


Eddie McGee

Mack Card Manager

Can I use my MackCard off-campus?

You can no longer use your Mack Card off campus.

How do I add money on my MackCard?

1.   You can add money to your Mack Card in many ways.
The easiest is to use the Blackboard Payment gateway. You can use a Mastercard or Visa to add money instantly to the Mack Card. Visit the site by clicking here.
2.   You can use our Card Management Stations, located outside the Mack Card office on the second floor of the Sakowich Campus Center.
This CMCs accept cash only.

Mack Card FAQs

1. About the money on the Mack Card

The money that you get with your meal plan that we call “Dining Dollars,” can only be used in the Warriors Den, Sparky's Place, Library Cafe, Majors and Minors, Merrimack Food Truck, Monica’s Kitchen and Mack Mart.  If you wish, you use your MACK card for vending machines, the campus bookstore, the post office, the MACK Print Center and our on campus food services and the bowling alley. To load additional money on your MACK bucks account, you can use a Mastercard or Visa to add money via your Transact account:
The Dining money that comes with your meal plan will remain on your card till the end of the spring semester.
Your own Warrior Dollars money you put on the card will stay on the card until you graduate or leave the college.

2. If you lose your Card.
Please keep your MACK Card in your wallet or pocketbook. If you lose it, you will have to pay 25 dollars for a replacement. If you do lose it during non business hours, please go to Police Services, located in the rear of Monican Dorm, for a temporary card. You can use this temporary card until the next business day. On that morning please go to the Mack Tech Bar on the 1st floor of the McQuade Library to get a replacement card.

3. Mack Card Stations
Check out our MACK Card station we have installed on campus. It is in across from the Campus Post office on the second floor of the Sakowich Student Center.  At these stations you can check your MACK card balances and add money to your card. They accept cash.